BDN6676D Style Audio Adaptor for Motorola XTS-3500/5000 to 2 Pin

Description: BDN6676/BDN6676D Style Audio Adaptor. Help to use the Motorola 2-Pin audio plug on Motorola radio: ASTRO Digital XTS-3000, XTS-3500, XTS-5000 HT-1000 JT-1000 MT-2000 MTS-2000 MTX8000 MTX838 MTX9000 MTX-LS. Features:
  • 2-Pin Motorola Plug Audio Adapter
  • PTT (push to talk) switch is on the adapter
  • With Quick Disconnect Latch This adapter is required for many different headset or surveillance earpieces, microphones that plug into adapter jack
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