Noise Cancelling Headset for Hytera TC-3600 TC-3600M TC-610S TC-710

  • Heavy duty headset with noise canceling boom microphone with 24dB noise reduction rating
  • High quality PTT button with 360 degree metal clip
  • Behind the head metal band with overhead strap, ideal to use with safety hard hats
  • Ear cups with noise reduction material and comfortable gel ear pads
  • Hytera HYT TC-780, TC-780M ,TC-610P, TC-3000 , TC-3600 , TC-3600M , TC-610S , TC-710 , TC-880GM, TC-610P-2TONE-U2, TC-610P-2TONE-V2, TC-610P-HDC-U2, TC-610P-HDC-V2, TC-780M-U1, TC-780MU-5-M, TC-780U-1, TC-780V
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