Heavy Duty Speaker Microphone for Motorola MOTOTRBO APX-7000 APX-8000 XPR-7550

  • With Smart Audio feature, it is automatically adjust the volume even you're not directly speaking to the microphone. This provides consistent output for user
  • IP65 Heavy duty water proof speaker microphone for two way radio.
  • Easy smooth feel PTT and clear voice quality.
  • With durable 360 degree metal back clip.
  • Vigorous, rugged and adaptable designed for tough working environments.
  • Long PTT life can withstand more than 50,000 times.
  • Use shatter-resistant speaker housing.
  • Feature a 3.5mm jack accessories for connecting an earphone to the unit.
Speaker Specification:
  • Dimension (mm): ¢45
  • Sensitivity: 94±2dB
  • Impedance: 16ohm±15%
  • Rated output power: 1.5W
  • Peak power output: 2W
  • Frequency: 420Hz-20kHz
Microphone Specification:
  • Dimension (mm): ¢6.0*2.7
  • Sensitivity: -38±2dB
  • Frequency: 20Hz-16kHz
  • Operation voltage: 1-5V
  • Dimension (mm): ¢5.5mm L=850&290
  • Durable Temperature: -40~105℃
  • Material: PU
  • Motorola MOTOTRBO Radio APX series: APX-1000, 2APX-2000, APX-4000, APX-4000 P25, APX-6000, APX-6000 P25, APX-6000XE P25, APX-7000, APX-7000e, APX-7000XE P25, APX-7000SE, APX-8000, APX-8000XE
  • Motorola MOTOTRBO Radio DP Series: DP-3400, DP-3401, DP-3600, DP-3601, DP4400, DP4401, DP4600, DP4601, DP4800, DP4801
  • Motorola MOTOTRBO Radio DGP Series: DGP-4150, DGP-4150+, DGP-5050, DGP-5550, DGP-6150, DGP-6150+, DGP-8050, DGP-8550
  • Motorola MTP Series: MTP850 S, MTP830 S
  • Motorola MOTOTRBO Radio XiR Series: XiR P8200, XiR P8208, XiR P8260, XiR P8268
  • Motorola MOTOTRBO Radio XPR Series: XPR-4500, XPR-6000, XPR-6100, XPR-6300, XPR-6350, XPR-6380, XPR-6500, XPR-6550, XPR-6580, XPR-7350, XPR-7380, XPR-7550, XPR-7580
  • Motorola SRX 2200 Combat Radio
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