SKU: AK6R0025-120

Six Unit Bank Charger for Kenwood TK-2140 TK-3140 TK-2148 TK-3148 TK-2160

  • Six independent microprocessor controlled chargers with 6 charging cups and charge up to 6 batteries at the same time.
  • Compatible with  Li-ion Batteries
  • Using microprocessor for charge control and override protection
  • With front LED to display charging status.
  • Rapid charging rate up to 600 mAh/hr and provide 2 to 3 hours charger time for regular batteries.
  • Support Chemistry: Li-ion
  • Voltage: Input 120v AC adaptor
  • Charging Rate: 600 mAh/hr
  • Fit Radio Model: Kenwood TK-2140, TK-3140, TK-2148, TK-3148, TK-2160, TK-3160, TK-2168, TK-3168, TK-2170, TK-3170, TK-2173, TK-3173, TK-2360, TK-3360, NX-220, NX-320
  • Fit Battery Model: KNB-35L, KNB-55L, KNB-57L
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